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Our fleet of drills are excellent for many situations including construction projects. They are some of the quietest drills available and offer superior dust control, all while having the ability to tram in some of the most uneven and difficult terrain.


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We have a large, modern, safe and efficient fleet of drill rigs that are ready for any mining situation. We have a mix of both cab and remote drills that allow us to operate safely in every situation. From the roughest pioneering work to the largest benched pits, we have a drill rig to meet your needs.

Wall Control

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Our drills have fully autonomous angle settings, which allow for precisely drilled holes that produce stable and competent walls.  

Anchor Drilling

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With our diverse fleet, we are capable of drilling various anchor holes of various sizes and depths. From wall stability to foundation anchoring, solar arrays or wind farms, our drills are up to the task.

Custom and 



Sometimes drilling needs to be completed in atypical situations - where confined space, difficult access and size of drill holes are limited. No matter what the limitations are - our team will be able to get the job done effectively.

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