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Value Added Services

Aerial Surveys


Fraser Drill - Blast has drones which we use to complete pre-blast surveys of the blast area so that we can be sure that the site is clear of people and wildlife. This ensures that our blasts are safe before the blast, and all clear afterwards. We can also offer aerial mapping and stockpile volume calculations with our drones.

Blast Videos

In addition to aerial surveys, we use our drones along with GoPro cameras to provide customers with impressive videos of the blast.

GNSS Surveying

Survey Pic 3_edited_edited.jpg

Fraser Drill - Blast uses state-of-the-art surveying equipment to produce extremely accurate volume calculations for blasts. This ensures that invoicing is as accurate as possible and eliminates the possibility of our customers paying for more rock than they get.

Vibration Monitoring


Our technicians and blasters use seismographs to measure the intensity of blasts whenever necessary. This provides the information required to show our compliance with regulated vibration and sound overpressure limits. 

Borehole Tracking

Jake Ferrigan 2.jpg

In situations where it is necessary to ensure that blast boreholes are in the designed location, we can offer borehole tracking to ensure that the drilled pattern matches the design, and that proper burden and spacing are achieved.

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