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From lot developments to highway construction, our blasters have the skills and experience to complete the blasting for your construction project safely and efficiently. 

Mining & Quarries

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Fraser Drill Blast has the equipment, knowledge and training that is necessary to operate on large projects including open pit mines and aggregate quarries. 

Sewer & Water

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On sewer and water projects, trench blasting can be in very close proximity to buildings, cars and roadways, as well as to services like hydro, natural gas, fiber optic cables, etc. Our drillers and blasters are experienced in this type of blasting, so you can rest assured that the project will go smoothly without any safety concerns.

Custom and 



Sometimes blasting needs to be completed in atypical situations - where confined space, difficult access and size of blasts are limited. No matter what the limitations are - our team will be able to get the job done effectively.

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